The top selling comic book last month was superman # 1

In June, “Superman #1” was one of the best-selling comics at the Comic Buying Center, fetching a significant amount of money. This truly iconic issue, originally published in 1939, is highly valued by collectors and comic book buyers because of its historical importance and rarity. The actual superman #1 comic value starts at $50,000, which is a lot. But the other end of this price range will shock you. Let it be a little surprise.

Superman comic series

The original “Superman” comic series, which began in 1939 with superman number 1, was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster. Published by DC Comics, this series quickly became popular and helped establish Superman as an iconic superhero. The series introduced readers to Clark Kent, his alter ego Superman, and the city of Metropolis.

The series was notable for its strong storytelling and innovative art. It ran for several decades, undergoing various changes and adaptations, and included contributions from other notable artists and writers such as Wayne Boring, Curt Swan, and Al Plastino. “Superman” (1939 series) continued until issue #423 in 1986, transitioning to a new volume shortly after.

This series laid the foundation for Superman’s legacy and influenced countless other comic book characters and stories, making it one of the most influential parts of comic book history​.

Superman #1

The first superman comic, published in June 1939, is a milestone in comic book history. Created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, superman #1 comic solidified Superman’s place as an iconic superhero following his debut in “Action Comics #1.” This superman comic 1 first solo book for Superman includes his origin story, detailing the destruction of Krypton, his arrival on Earth, and his upbringing by the Kents.

Key features of 1st superman comic:

  • Origin of Superman. Superman comic book number 1 covers his journey from Krypton to becoming Earth’s greatest hero.
  • First appearance of Ma and Pa Kent. Superman #1 comic 1939 introduces Superman’s adoptive parents.
  • Pin-up Poster. Features the first pin-up poster in comics on the back cover.
  • Historical Significance. Holds the record for the second-highest comic sale.

The Superman comic 1 value varies significantly, making it one of the most sought-after collectibles. But what it is? What is the actual price? Well, brace yourself. The actual first superman comic worth starts at $50,000 and goes as high as…$5,300,000! Making it the second most expensive comic book in history (so far). The superman 1 comic remains a holy grail for collectors. Whether you’re examining the Superman issue 1 for its storytelling or its market value, it is still a legendary issue.

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