In May, at the Comic Buying Center, “Amazing SpiderMan 129” was one of the top-selling comics. This issue is highly popular among comic book buyers. Amazing Spiderman 129 value ranges from $500 to $20,000, depending on its condition and grading, reflecting the importance of carefully handling your comics. Its popularity and historical importance in […]

  In May, at the Comic Buying Center, “Fantastic Four 48” was one of the top-selling comic books. This issue saw prices ranging from $400 to $50,000, showing its significance and varying conditions among available copies. But why exactly is it so expensive? Mostly because it is iconic and introduces some of the most well-known […]

Protecting your comic books is very important to maintain their condition and value over time. Choosing the right comic book protectors can make all the difference in preserving your collection to sell comic books later. Protecting your beloved collection is an important mission for any comic book enthusiast. And it is especially important for professionals […]

Understanding comic book terms can be important if you’re fond of collecting them or want to be a part of the community. This glossary provides definitions of key comic book terms, helping new readers and seasoned fans to better understand those pesky and mysterious comic book words. It is also important for collectors and generally […]

Within 24 hours of my first contacting Comic Buying Center, owner Peter Przysiezny appraised my collection of over a thousand silver, gold and bronze age DC comics and subsequently bought the entire collection for $21,000. It was the single most lucrative transaction of my life — except for selling my home — as well as […]

  Last month’s top seller in the comic book world was Flash comics #1. The quickest man on Earth (on all of Earths actually) is still popular, despite having quite a bad movie and live show. But the iconic issue is still making numbers. Flash comic series The “Flash Comics” series, launched in January 1940 […]

  Last month’s top-selling comic was “Incredible Hulk #1”. With his popularity, the big green guy is still capturing the attention of comic book lovers. Surprisingly, Hulk is one of the few heroes to have so many solo games. Let’s talk about it in more detail. Incredible Hulk comic series The comic series featuring “Incredible […]

The article will provide a beginner’s guide to starting a comic book collection. It will cover topics such as where to find comic books, how to evaluate their condition and value, tips for organizing and storing them, and advice on budgeting and prioritizing purchases. How To Start Collecting Comic Books Starting in comic book collecting […]