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The top selling comic book in March was Star Wars # 1

Star Wars is more than just a cinematic saga – it’s a colossal cultural phenomenon. With its expansive universe, the franchise continues spawning new shows, video games, comics, and more every few months. Its ever-growing lore attracts both longstanding fans and newcomers. Amidst this constant stream of new content, comic books really have that special place, offering unique stories and perspectives within the beloved galaxy that you can’t actually meet anywhere else. So the Star Wars comic #1 popularity is not a big surprise. Even despite the Star Wars comic book value which can be somewhat high if the comic book is in a good condition.

Star Wars comic series

The Star Wars comic series began with Star Wars #1 comic in 1977. This series was launched in the same year as the original Star Wars movie, offering fans an additional medium through which they could explore the adventures of their favorite characters. Published by Marvel Comics, the first Star Wars comic hit the shelves in April 1977, two months before the movie’s release, serving as a precursor to the cinematic experience.

The series was written by Roy Thomas, with art by Howard Chaykin, and it closely followed the plot of the first film, “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope,” extending the story beyond the movie’s narrative. Its success was instantaneous, reflecting the movie’s massive appeal and contributing to the growing Star Wars fandom. Star Wars comic books not only adapted the films but also introduced new characters and storylines, enriching the Star Wars universe, bridging the gap between movies and allowing the story to flow smoothly.

More about Star Wars #1

Star Wars comic #1

“Star Wars #1,” published in 1977 by Marvel Comics, is a landmark issue that marked the beginning of the Star Wars comic series. This comic was designed to tie directly into the events of “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope,” essentially serving as a direct adaptation of the movie. The story in Star Wars comic #1 introduces readers to the characters and setting of the original film, featuring iconic figures such as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and Han Solo.

The narrative follows the movie’s plot, starting with Princess Leia’s capture by Darth Vader and her desperate transmission of the Death Star plans to the desert planet of Tatooine, where a young Luke Skywalker’s adventure begins. The comic captures the essence of the film, from the Empire’s tyranny to the Rebel Alliance’s fight for freedom. It also includes the thrilling escape from Tatooine. All in all – legendary comics for a legendary movie. Must have for any Stars Wars fan. And in case you wonder where to sell comic books – you’re not going to believe it…but Comic Buying Center may be just the right place for you and all your Star Wars comic book aspirations. 

When it comes to the outline, it may look like this:

  • Creators: Written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Howard Chaykin
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Genre: Science fiction, Space opera
  • Initial Publication Date: July 1977

When it comes to the actual Star Wars comic book 1 value it may differ greatly. But if we talk about Mint Condition (9.8 by CGC was the highest rated ever sold on auction) it’s about $960. You can also find Star Wars #1 comic book value as low as just under $1.

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