The top selling comic book last month was Flash # 1

Last month’s top seller in the comic book world was Flash comics #1. The quickest man on Earth (on all of Earths actually) is still popular, despite having quite a bad movie and live show. But the iconic issue is still making numbers.

Flash comic series

The “Flash Comics” series, launched in January 1940 by All-American Publications, was a very important comic series during the Golden Age of Comics. Here’s a short overview of the series:

  • Start and Duration. Ran from January 1940 to February 1949, spanning 104 issues.
  • Main Characters. Introduced Jay Garrick as the original Flash. The series also featured other characters like Hawkman.
  • Creators. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert.
  • Significance. This series was among the earliest superhero comics and helped establish the popularity of the entire genre.
  • Plot Elements. Focused on Jay Garrick, a college student who gains super-speed from inhaling hard water vapors. Garrick uses his abilities to fight crime.
  • Popularity. It was a successful series during its time, contributing significantly to the superhero narrative and DC Comics’ early success.
  • Legacy. “Flash Comics” influenced many subsequent superhero stories and characters.
  • Collectibility. Original issues of “Flash Comics” are highly valued by comic book buyers for their historical significance and rarity.

This series not only showcased the exciting adventures of its title character but also featured a mix of action, adventure, and science fiction, popular topics for a wide audience of the time.

Flash #1

Flash comic #1

Flash comics 1 released in January 1940, marked the debut of Jay Garrick, the original Flash. This comic was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert. In the story, Jay Garrick, a college student, gains super-speed abilities after inhaling hard water vapors during a lab accident. This incident transforms him into the Flash, leading him to a career of fighting crime while wearing a distinctive metal helmet with wings, inspired by the Roman god Mercury.

This comic not only introduced the Flash but also featured other characters and was pivotal in setting the stage for many future superheroes in the DC Comics universe. Over the years, the value of the flash comics #1 has significantly increased, making it a highly prized item among collectors. Its importance stems not just from its age but from its role in the expansion and development of the superhero genre in American comics. For collectors, Flash comic book 1 is highly valuable due to its historical significance and rarity. The actual flash comics #1 value varies greatly. The price range may be as low as a few thousands dollars, and the biggest sale was $1,000,000 (yes, ONE million) for a Pedigree copy (Mile High) graded NM+ 9,6. At Comic Buying Center this issue is always on our customer’s want list.

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