The top selling comic book last month was Amazing Spiderman # 129


In May, at the Comic Buying Center, “Amazing SpiderMan 129” was one of the top-selling comics. This issue is highly popular among comic book buyers. Amazing Spiderman 129 value ranges from $500 to $20,000, depending on its condition and grading, reflecting the importance of carefully handling your comics. Its popularity and historical importance in the Spider-Man series make it a valuable (literally!) addition to any comic collection. Let’s talk a bit more about the series and this issue to find out why it is so expensive and popular. The price for this one is noticeably higher than for most other comics in this series.

Amazing Spiderman comic series

The original “Amazing Spider-Man” comic series was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. It was first published in March 1963, following Spider-Man’s debut in “Amazing Fantasy #15.” The series quickly gained popularity, establishing Spider-Man as one of Marvel’s most beloved and popular characters. Lee and Ditko collaborated on the first 38 issues, after which Ditko left, and John Romita Sr. took over as the primary artist.

The series introduced many iconic villains, such as the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus, and explored Peter Parker’s life as he balanced his superhero duties with personal life and challenges. The original run continued until issue #441 in 1998, after which it was relaunched multiple times while maintaining its legacy numbering​.

Amazing Spiderman #129

Punisher first appearance

“The Amazing Spider-Man #129,” published in February 1974, is a key issue in the Spider-Man series, featuring the first appearance of Punisher. Created by writer Gerry Conway and artist Ross Andru, Spiderman Punisher comic introduces Frank Castle, a vigilante who initially targets Spider-Man under the manipulation of the Jackal.

Key points about “The Amazing SpiderMan 129”:

  • Publication Date. February 1974
  • Creators. Gerry Conway (writer) and Ross Andru (artist)
  • Plot. The Punisher, believing Spider-Man to be a criminal, attempts to eliminate him, but eventually realizes he has been deceived by the Jackal.
  • Value. Spider Man Punisher first appearance value ranges from $500 to $20,000, depending on the condition, making it a valuable collectible.

This comic, known for the Punisher’s first appearance, remains highly popular, with the Amazing Spider-Man #129 value reflecting its historical importance among collectors.

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