Spotlight on Underrated Comics Worth Collecting

The article will showcase lesser-known comic book titles that deserve recognition and appreciation for their quality, creativity, and cultural significance. It will explore hidden gems, forgotten classics, indie favorites, overlooked genres, cult classics, and rising stars within the comic book industry, encouraging readers to explore diverse storytelling and support up-and-coming talent. Please note that nothing in this article is financial advice, we are not financial advisers.

Key Comics to Invest in and Enjoy

If you’re looking into comic book investments, particularly in underrated comics, there are a few interesting options that could be worth your attention for both your own enjoyment and potential financial gain. Some key issues have been identified as undervalued and might be suitable for comic book investing.

For example, “Marvel Super-Heroes #18”, which marks the first appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy, is noted as undervalued given its historical importance and potential future relevance​​. Additionally, “Conan the Barbarian #23” is highlighted for being the first appearance of Red Sonja, a character whose popularity is on the rise with potential film adaptations in the future​.

“Batman #656” also stands out as it features the first full appearance of Damian Wayne, a character who could play a significant role in future DC storylines and movie adaptations​​, making it one of the best comics to invest in. Similarly, “Ultimate Fallout #4” from 2011, known for the first appearance of Miles Morales as a character, has seen an increase in value, especially as Morales becomes a more prominent character in the Marvel Universe​ with new shows and video games.

Best comic books to collect

Comic Book 1st Appearances by Character

For those interested in comic book investments, especially in lesser-known first appearances, there are several comics worth buying:

  • “Ultimate Fallout # 4” marks the first appearance of the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man, published in March 2012. This comic has considerable potential for future value increases​.
  • “Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #1” from 1984 features the first appearance of Beyonder, a powerful entity in the Marvel Universe, making it one of the comic books worth a lot of money. Not only is it a significant issue for introducing a major cosmic character, but it also started one of the first major crossover events in comic history, which includes the storyline where Spider-Man acquires his black costume. This issue is potentially a good investment. 
  • “Justice League Dark #1” from November 2011 is one of the comic books worth money that introduces the first team appearance of Justice League Dark, including characters like John Constantine and Zatanna. Given its niche appeal and the potential for more adaptations, this comic is an appealing choice for those looking at lesser-known, yet historically important, character debuts​.
  • “Young Avengers #1”, released in April 2005, documents the first team appearance of the Young Avengers, including characters like Kate Bishop and Patriot. With the shift in focus within the MCU, this comic holds substantial investment promise as these characters are likely to gain more attention and movie adaptations.
  • “Thor #337”, from November 1983, is the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill. Rumors of his introduction into the MCU and the general popularity of Thor-related comics make this a potentially profitable investment.

Investing in these comics not only taps into the nostalgia and collector’s market but also has a potential to increase in value as these characters become more popular via mainstream media and popular culture.

More Collectible Comic Books – Key Issues You Can Count On

For collectors looking to diversify their comic book collections with underrated comics that are also some of the best comics to own, a few issues come to mind as the best comic book investments.

“Gotham Central” by Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka, and Michael Lark offers a unique perspective by focusing on the day-to-day challenges faced by Gotham City’s police department rather than Batman himself. And we all know these guys have their hands full every single day. This series provides a gritty, realistic look at law enforcement in a superhero-filled world.

“Black Hammer” by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston presents an intriguing and fresh take on superhero mythology, exploring the lives of heroes trapped in a strange town. This series mixes elements of mystery and classic superhero stories, offering a narrative that appeals to collectors looking for some fresh air beyond mainstream series.

“Planetary” by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday is another one that mixes science fiction, mystery, and adventure while offering meta-commentary on comic book tropes. This series is known for its bold storytelling and experimental artwork, making it a must-have for collectors​.

Comics to invest in

Comics With Great Covers Are Highly Valued by Collectors

Comic books with visually striking and iconic covers are highly popular among comic book buyers and can be excellent comics to invest in. These comics often gain value due to their rarity, the popularity of the artist, and their historical significance.

One notable example is “Amazing Spider-Man #667 Dell’otto Variant”, known for its rarity and stunning artwork by Gabriele Dell’otto. This variant is particularly valuable due to its extremely limited print run.

Another significant cover is the “Tales of Suspense No. 39”, marking the first appearance of Iron Man. The historical significance of this issue, combined with its iconic cover art by Jack Kirby, contributes to its high value​​.

For those interested in variant covers, the “Dirty Pair: Run From the Future 1 Hughes Variant (2000)” by Adam Hughes is another example. Known for its eye-catching artwork, this cover is valued among collectors for its artistic merit and rarity.

These examples highlight how certain comic books with great covers can be worthy investments due to their potential to become more expensive over time. Collectors often seek these out not just for their look but also for their potential economic value in the market.

Investing in Comics vs. Collecting Comics

Investing in comics and collecting comics are two approaches to comic books that can overlap but often have different goals. When investing in comics, the primary focus is on the potential financial return. Collectors target issues that are expected to increase in value over time, such as key issues, first appearances, or rare variants of collectible comic books. These are often preserved in pristine condition to maintain their value.

On the other hand, collecting comics is usually driven by passion and personal interest. Collectors may focus on acquiring a complete series, issues by favorite artists or writers, or comics featuring beloved characters, regardless of their future monetary value. While comics to collect can also be a part of a collection, the enjoyment of the hobby often takes over potential profit.

Both investing and collecting can be rewarding in their own ways, offering either financial gain or personal satisfaction from owning a piece of comic book history. Though no one forbids you to aim for both.

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