Incredible Hulk

One of Marvel Comics’ most iconic characters, The Incredible Hulk, has a complex publishing history.

Debuting with his own title in 1962, the Hulk’s initial series lasted only 6 issues. He then moved to co-feature in “Tales To Astonish” until 1968, when he was given his own series again, starting with issue #102. This run lasted over 30 years, concluding in 1999.

Initially, Gary Friedrich and Marie Severin handled writing and art, respectively. Stan Lee soon returned to write, with Herb Trimpe joining as artist. Trimpe’s long tenure lasted until 1975, after which Sal Buscema took over until 1985. Writers like Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Len Wein, Roger Stern, and Bill Mantlo also contributed significantly.

Key issues from the 1968 series include #141 (Doc Sampson’s debut), #180 (first glimpse of Wolverine), #181 (Wolverine’s full introduction and a top Bronze-Age collectible), #182 (second Wolverine appearance), #271 (Rocket Raccoon crossover), and #340 (epic Hulk/Wolverine battle by Todd McFarlane).

Incredible Hulk #1 (1962)


1st Appearance of Hulk

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