Amazing Fantasy

In August 1962, the cancellation of Amazing Adult Fantasy was unavoidable. The series had already undergone a name change when Stan Lee and Steve Ditko transformed Amazing Adventures in 1961 to better align with the more serious tone of the stories.

Despite the rebranding, it became evident that the series lacked impact, leading to disappointing sales figures.

For the 15th and final issue of Amazing Adult Fantasy, publisher Martin Goodman gave Stan Lee the green light to introduce a new superhero: the Amazing Spider-Man.

The new superhero was a hit with the audience, earning Spider-Man his very own comic series. In the 90s, Kurt Busiek and Paul Lee worked on issues #16 to #18 of Amazing Fantasy, creating a sequel to Spider-Man’s debut in issue #15.

Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)


1st Appearance of Spider-Man

Grade 2.0 Grade 4.0 Grade 6.0 Grade 8.0 Grade 9.0 Grade 9.4 Grade 9.6
$20 000
$35 000
$75 000
$300 000
$750 000
$1 500 000
$3 600 000

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